Monday, June 27, 2011

Just Too Hot

The new air conditioner arrived today! After much struggling to get the 60 pound box in to the mobile home and out of the box, I managed to get it in to the window. Whew. It was 96 degrees in there. I had some hot dogs. After an hour it was 85 degrees. I think this new AC will work nicely!

I am still looking forward to the evaporative cooler's arrival on Wednesday. I want to put it in the hallway for my poor old cocker spaniel who likes the quiet down there. No rain in sight so it should work for a little while. I believe it has a 4 gallon reservoir but I can spare the water since I will be checking in on my co-worker's cat this weekend and filling up my water bottles at her house and doing my laundry. I still have around 200 gallons in my own tank too. I have been getting 5 gallons from work everyday for the dog's to drink and that has really helped stretch out my water supply.

I have an extra air conditioner now so I could put it in one of the other bedrooms so that I can organise in a cool room. Maybe I can actually get something done on this upcoming 3 day weekend.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Thats enough to remind you that you need your new home to be super insulated so it stays cool in summer, warm in winter etc. Surely no-one hears hot dogs without picturing ketchup and mustard???

Daizy said...

Right now a cave home is sounding very nice.

Anonymous said...

Underground home FTW!

Unknown said...

Who doesn’t want to have an AC during the hot season? Yes, if only I can afford the monthly bills, I’ll have a centralized air conditioning system installed in our house! You’re an animal lover too, right? I also can’t afford to see my dog suffering from too much heat.

-Mignon Her