Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Chores

I came home today, got my trash together, dragged the trash cans back in to the truck, threw the bags of trash in the back, gathered the recycling and drove down the dirt road to the pavement. Then I unloaded the trash cans, filled them with trash and recycling and wheeled them to their spot, at least I hope that is where they are supposed to go. The other side of the street is a bus stop so I probably shouldn't put them there.

Anyway, after all that I realized that I forgot one bag of trash because I was going to go get the old tarp out of the greenhouse and finally throw it away. I went back and gathered the old tarp and noticed that the pack rats have been filling my green house with dog poo. I thought that the smell of dogs would keep the pack rats away but obviously they don't mind the smell and they like to use it to decorate. Cleaning out the greenhouse is on my to-do list but it isn't a high priority because I can't think of any practical use for the greenhouse.

I took the last bag of trash down to the end of the street and was very happy that it will all magically disappear tomorrow. Next week I should gather my trash on Sunday or Monday so that I only have to take it out on Tuesday. It was too much of a chore to have to gather and haul it to the street. I'll figure out the best method eventually.

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