Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back To Shed Houses Again

Here I go again, planning and scheming my next move. I was looking online for another shed and thought I would buy the biggest one that they have and turn it into a small house. Well, it turns out that they build up to 1500 sqft. garages so that isn't really a small house at all. I found another company who had cheaper prices called The Original Shed Co.. I think I have driven by that place a hundred times but never knew they built anything larger than the typical garden shed.

Anyway, this got me thinking about building a house in stages. I mean, I could get a construction loan and hire a contractor and get a nice house and a 30 year mortgage or I could pay as I get the money and build in stages. I wasn't sure how to do that before but now it looks pretty easy. The shed company would take care of the foundation and building the shell, I could do the plumbing and greywater, I could add solar panels when I earned enough money for that, and I could finish the interior little by little.

It's just an idea if I ever want to move out of the mobile home. Or maybe I would like a real garage to park my car in where the pack rats won't get it. Or maybe I would like an art studio that is away from the dogs. Whatever I decide, I know I need about $15k if I want to get a 500 sqft garage/building. That is certainly attainable if I really want it.


dot said...

Instead of buying a prefab or aluminum type of shed, why don't you hire a builder to build you a wood/block shed that would look more like a house and then follow through with completing the inside as you noted in your post.
As long as it is just a shed, no matter the medium used you will not have to have all the permits,regulations, etc when it is built...and you can design it ( window, door,roof angle, wall placement) with possible expansion and energy efficiency in mind.
We are having a wood barn type shed with shingled roof built (16x20) on a concrete slab for under $6000.00.. We will use it as a shed but add insulation to the walls/ ceiling ( live in Florida) but I can totally see that the inside could be completed to be lived in one step at a time.

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I would go for getting a builder to build a bit at a time. They can do the block work and you can do what you can. When you are ready you can extend. No big scary outlay and you have total control.

Daizy said...

Yes Dot! That is what I was trying to say. I discovered that the shed company will come out to my property and build a nice garage for cheap. I estimated the price high just for an example. They say they are $26-$30 a sqtft. So for a 16x20 on concrete it would cost $8320 on the low end. In my county I have to have permits for anything over 400 sqft or on a slab so that raises the price a little but still very affordable and I love that they could build it in a week and then I can take my time with the rest.

Daizy said...

I am having fun dreaming about building Lizzie. Too bad the reality is I will have to save for another year at least. :(

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