Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dog Day Again

I decided not to sleep in this morning since the chances of me getting everything done before the adoption event is very slim if I do. I emptied my water barrels, ate breakfast, killed the wasps who are trying to build a nest in my RV again (this is the third time I have sprayed them), then noticed that my propane tanks were very low. There went all my free time. It takes 15 minutes to get to the propane place, 15 to get propane and pay and 15 minutes to get back. By the time I got back I was in a hurry again to load up crates and 5 dogs. I managed to get there 15 minutes early which wasn't bad. I was trying for 30 minutes early but I was the first one there anyway.

My puppy got adopted first thing and then I took my dog for his rabies shot where he freaked out of course. After that we spent $100 stocking up on food and treats at Petsmart and then at 4 we packed up and went home. My other foster dogs got lots of attention but none got adopted today. People even wanted to adopt my Toto even when I told them he was a biter. But no, I can't give up my little Toto. Some how I got talked in to going to another adoption event tomorrow.

Next weekend is going to be all about getting my taxes done. No dog stuff unless one of them gets adopted. I also hauled my new AC out of the box and in to the window. I almost dropped it through the window. Those things are so heavy and never seem to fit just right. I am disappointed with the quality. It is GE brand but the parts are cheap and I expect it won't last more than a Summer or two. My last AC has worked for I think, 5 Summers. Perhaps next time I should buy the $150 model instead of the $100. Hopefully it will last through this Summer at least. That would be really bad if it quit mid-season.


The Executioner said...

I can't believe you are running an A/C already. There is still snow on the ground here in NH.

Daizy said...

Luckily it isn't constantly on yet. My bedroom just needs some help cooling off at night. The weather is dipping back down to the 80s this week so I won't need the AC much. I sure can't imagine snow right now though.