Friday, April 1, 2011

Another Chore Done

I couldn't stand waiting any more. People said they would help me load up my extra tile and then they wouldn't show up. I took half the day off and decided that I was going to do it myself. Those boxes were very heavy but I loaded up the truck until it couldn't hold any more weight. Then I took it back to Home Depot and waited an unusually long time for them to figure out how to handle my large return. I got $500 back on my Home Depot credit card which is great because I just got the bill and my balance is $3,000. That's $1,000 over what I was expecting.

While I was at Home Depot a friend sent me a text and asked if I was going to get a new dog today. No, I said, but if you are bored you can come over and help me with the rest of the tile and bags of thinset. Lucky for me, she was bored and she helped me load the rest of it which was a lot easier with two people. We went back to Home Depot and again waited a very long time for them to get the fork lift and take the pallet out of my truck. I mean, I was nice enough to neatly stack it on a pallet for them, you would think they could unload it a little faster. I should have taken a picture of all of my hard work but I forgot.

Another $500 went back on my card. Yay! Then I looked around for air conditioners and decided to buy one before there was a major stampede for them. It was 95 degrees today but the nights are still cooling off and people with swamp coolers can still use them because it is not humid yet. In June and July those air conditioners will be hard to find.

After all that, I filled my 2 barrels with water and went home. One of my puppies got adopted today and I think another will tomorrow. That probably means I will pick up a new dog on Sunday. I also plan to take 4 dogs to an adoption event, move the water out of my barrels and in to the holding tank, take my dog for his rabies shot, buy dog food and put my new air conditioner in the window. I also want to sleep in but I don't think that is going to happen...not with this group of dogs.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I hate it when people say they will do something and then just dont. Why not just say nothing in the first place. Thats an awful lot of extra stuff that had to be returned/ Good luck getting the dogs adopted this weekend.

Daizy said...

It was a lot. It was the tile from not doing the bedrooms plus I don't think my tile guys needed as much extra tile as Home Depot said to buy.

Anonymous said...

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