Monday, March 21, 2011

Upping The Pressure

Now I've done it. I signed on with the management company, paid my $200 fee and now the house will be listed as available. The only problem is that is isn't quite finished yet. If someone wants to rent it soon then I will have to scurry and probably take another day off work to get it done. I'm hoping they will want to move in April 1st. At least that will give me this weekend. Of course I have over-booked this weekend already with dog stuff but the rental house comes first at this point. It is so close to being done.

I still have to take the stuff back to Home Depot (I am not looking forward to loading the truck), put closet doors on, fix vertical blind with some wood behind the brackets, put up second blind, bury drip hose, empty trash on Thursday (I stuffed the 2 dead bushes in the trash can but now the lid won't shut. If I get all of that done I really want to bring a water tank and fill it up at the house and bring it back to the mobile home. I'm not sure I can lift my water tank though. Well, it was a nice thought. It was supposed to rain today but I just heard a few rain drops for about 2 minutes and now it is silent again. Maybe it will rain tonight. I can't believe how dry this Winter and Spring have been. It certainly is discouraging me from trying to make it on rainwater. At this rate, it can't be done especially with all of these dogs.


Petunia 100 said...

I think you have made a smart choice to go with a property managment company. You just don't seem to be the sort of person who can say "Pay me now or get out of my house."

Daizy said...

I know! I don't even want to meet my next tenants. I am such a softie. I'll end up letting them live there for free.