Sunday, March 20, 2011

Subtracting Foster Dogs, Again

I was only late to the adoption event by an hour. That's what happens when I try to do 2 loads of laundry, eat breakfast and dye my hair before I go. My friend stopped by and picked up all 6 puppies for me since she has an SUV. One puppy was already adopted by the time I got there. When I walked in to the place there was a crowd of people around my puppies. I have never seen a crowd before. It was amazing.

In the end only 2 puppies got adopted but 2 more went to another foster's house so I only came home with 2 puppies. Plus, my little yorkie mix got adopted. I took him to their house and they thought he was great. It took forever for them to finish the paperwork which made it even harder to leave the little guy. She kept saying,"isn't it hard to give them up?". If she asked that one more time I think I was going to burst in to tears, grab my little dog and run and keep him for myself. I am hoping his new home will be a better home than I can provide. He will be an only dog and will have 2 people to dote on him and take him for walks. At least I have more of my bed to myself now. Only my 2 dogs are on the bed. I held my Toto for a while because when I have other little dogs he has to share me. Now he is my only little dog besides the 2 puppies so he gets my lap back for a while.

Since that adoption event was on the other side of town it pretty much took up all day. I took my 2 remaining puppies to Petsmart for some dog treats since it is the only place that I can take dogs with me. Tomorrow I will be dog-free at work which means I can finally stop at the grocery store on the way home. I am definitely looking forward to that!

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