Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last Minute Additions

I miss my little desk dog so much that I took my own dog in to work with me today. He isn't quite the desk dog size but he did keep me company.

Around 3 I got a call that 2 dogs were being put to sleep tonight. Since I am minus 5 dogs since Sunday I looked at them to see if any would fit in. I decided that this Lab mix might work out. When I got there some other people were interested in her and I was hoping they would take her but they chose a younger puppy instead. So I brought her home and she is staying in my RV in a crate until she is well.

She is around 35 pound and has the softest fur. Needs a bath though.

Of course I was late getting home and late getting my chores done which is why this post is late. Now I am off to bed!


flower girl said...

I would have given her a bath! (snif snif)

Daizy said...

Aw...flower girl, I wish you lived nearby so you could give them all a bath and take them for walks. They would love that....well, maybe not the bath part but they would love the walks!

Midori said...

Your cairn terrier is a cutie! I just had to comment after seeing his picture. The black and tan terrier is a cutie too.

Bless you for rescuing and fostering dogs!

I admire your determination to pay off your mortgage. My husband and I will be focusing on paying off our mortgage soon too.

Kindest regards,


Daizy said...

Thank you Midori! The dogs keep me on my toes. I hope to get back to paying off the mortgage soon.