Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Flooring Patchwork

The dogs must know my hammer is at the rental house. They managed to rip the vinyl in 4 different places. Even the puppies ripped a big hole. The neighbors came over to walk the dogs again so I asked if they had a hammer I could borrow. They did and I did a quick patch job with the leftover peel and stick tiles from the rental house (from the renovations 2 years ago). I nailed them down and only hit my thumb once. Ow.

I put 3 tiles in front of the door and it made a big difference. That should slow down the destruction for a while. Pretty soon my whole floor is going to be peel and stick tile. The only problem with that is that there are little gaps between them and the nails make them split sometimes. Maybe I will cover the whole floor with them and then put another floor over that. Anything is better than paper thin vinyl that the dogs can scrape up with their nails over water damaged particle board.

This is another project for the High Priority List along with fencing and a secure source of water. I can't wait to start that list! Too bad it's going to be 105 degrees before I have enough money to start.

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