Monday, March 7, 2011

Double Time

My handyman is leaving to go back home this week so he asked me if it was ok if he brought in help to finish the job. I said yes, whatever it takes to finish. I just want to get it done and rented. It seems like it has been vacant forever and I am itching to have extra money again. My mortgage is right around $5,000 and then I have around $3,000 on my Home Depot credit card. After those two get paid off I can start the fun list.

All of my tools are still at the rental house so I haven't been able to fix things around here. The dogs have pulled up the trim by the door, ripped the vinyl by the sink, and the puppies ripped a big piece of vinyl off the hallway. No cheap thin vinyl flooring next time. How quickly things start to look shabby when they aren't attended to right away. Hopefully after this weekend I can bring all of my tools back so I can start fixing my own place.

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