Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Third Times The Charm, I Hope

Well, my handyman had to leave today. He is packing up to go back up north where he lives for most of the year. Unfortunately, he didn't finish my tile. He got the hallway, living room, kitchen and dining room tiled and grouted but he didn't have time for the bathrooms. One bathroom could be left with the vinyl that is in it but I'd rather have them both tiled since the tile is here. I called the tile store where I bought the accent tile because I saw business cards for tilers on their counter. They gave me a couple of numbers and I set up some meetings. One will come over tomorrow morning and if I like the price he can start right away. That is appealing since I want this project OVER, like, YESTERDAY.

I paid the handyman $950 for his labor. That is a very good price I think. I expect the 2 bathrooms to cost $500 since this guy is actually a professional. I hope I can get him to clean the tile and seal it too.

The tile looks fantastic by the way. Even the gap in the living room caused by two people laying tile two different ways, is not as noticeable as I thought now that it is grouted. I am very happy that I went ahead with the tile and I hope it lasts a very long time.

My handyman pointed out a new problem before he left. Pipes near the faucet on the side of the house are leaking. I called a plumber and they will come out tomorrow. I don't have the tools or strength to mess with brass pipes. I also need to set up a time for the AC/furnace maintenance guy. Oh, and somehow I need to put the closet doors back on. I can't wait until my to-do list for this house is finally done.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I am concerned that your pack are going to actually destroy and eat their home. You seriously need a brick house.

Daizy said...

I know! Concrete, steel, brick...all good things! Why do people build houses out of wood, glue and paper?