Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where Did My Tile Go?

I went over to my rental house at lunch to pay the handyman for changing my kitchen faucet and securing my sink. After that I thought I would run on over to the tile store to pick up my accent tiles since they were supposed to be in yesterday but I didn't have a chance to get there.

Well, they weren't in. The guy told me that he had to go pick them up so I went back to work. Then he calls me and says that his boss picked up all of the boxes and gave them to another customer not realizing that 5 sheets of the tiles were for me. Bummer. Now they are trying to track down the customer and get my 5 sheets back and if not, they won't have more in until next Tuesday. That's horrible because I was hoping to put them in tomorrow. I thought I was giving them extra time by not picking them up yesterday. That was definitely a mistake. It never occurred to me that they would give them away especially since I already paid for them. I hope they are able to find the customer and get my tiles tomorrow. Any more delays and I won't have the house ready until April!

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