Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cover Those Windows

I ran off to Lowe's at lunch today. I need a new kitchen faucet for the rental and I wasn't sure if the one that I had was big enough. It will have to do though because I didn't find anything that I liked better.

While I was there I passed the window covering aisle and took a quick look. I saw some 2" bamboo blinds on clearance for only $13. I got really excited and ran out to my truck to get my list with all of my window sizes. Unfortunately, while they did have blinds to fit the 2 small windows of the bay window, they didn't have any larger sizes to fit the middle of the bay window. I already have roller shades for the other windows so this is the only window, besides the sliding door, that needs to be covered. I kept looking and found some bamboo matchstick Roman shades. They were on clearance too for only $8. The problem with them is that they are really long but I thought that if I attach them to the outside of the window and cover the curved windows on top, maybe it will look ok. The curved windows are pretty but that is the east side of the house and the sun shines in every morning so covering them would probably be a good idea.

I didn't have time to try them out (I was 25 minutes late getting back to work) but hopefully they will solve my bay window problem. Then I just need to figure out how to shorten the width on the vertical blind that I bought and buy another one for the sliding door and I will be all set.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Sounds like you are really getting into this now Daizy. Are you thinking maybe two rental houses would be good???

Daizy said...

No no no! Well, if I could do it and not have my regular job and I had more home improvement skills then maybe.

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