Thursday, February 24, 2011

Little By Little

This home renovation stuff is going way too slow for my liking but I guess that is what I should have expected from free labor. Today I went over at lunch and removed the malfunctioning deadbolt from the door to the garage. The electronic lock was working backward. Put in the code and it locked. Push the lock button and it unlocked. I tried a few things until it refused to lock at all and then took it out of the door. It left a big outline where the door had been painted twice. I scraped off the large bits and painted over it. It doesn't look perfect but I'd rather have a functioning lock than a pretty door.

I need to fix a few more little things like the gate outside, the drip system needs about 5 feet of pipe, and of course, finish hanging the window coverings. The previous renters lost one of the garage door remotes so I bought one at Home Depot. $36! I had no idea they were so expensive. The Home Depot guy said to check Sears if I didn't want to buy a universal remote. I checked Sears online and found the remote that looks like mine. $40! I checked Ebay and the market for garage door remotes is hot. I bought a used one for $24 that looks like mine. Now I have to figure out how to program it to work my door. I'm sure I'll find something on the subject on the internet. What did people do before the internet? Ask their neighbors I guess.

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