Friday, February 25, 2011

Frozen Cactus

Work was so busy for a Friday and even worse because I took the afternoon off. I went to Home Depot again and bought some more things for the house including tubing to fix the drip system. I don't know if it can be saved but hopefully it can. Tomorrow, rain is in the forecast and Sunday's high is only supposed to be 48F. That is quite a change from the 78 degree weather we have been having.

When we had that cold spell a few weeks ago, it froze and killed a bunch of cactus. They say that the Saguaro cactus, the big tall ones, could be dead and we won't know for 5 years while they slowly decay. I have two baby saguaros on my property and I am hoping they didn't freeze. They are growing under their nurse trees which in this case are two Palo Verde trees. They call them nurse trees because they protect the baby cactus when they are young but the cactus grow so slowly that the tree dies before the cactus gets big enough to reach the branches. That's what I read anyway. I hope the nurse trees protected my baby saguaros.

My big Prickly Pear cactus screen in front of my mobile home has finally died. It was big and healthy when I bought the place back in 2002. But drought and then too much rain have caused the bloated arms to fall off. The freeze killed off the last living bits. I'm not sure what I will replace it with. I would love to build a covered porch on that side of the mobile home. It is the south side and the sun beats in the sliding door in the Summer.

Those are all projects for later when the rental house is finished and rented and the mortgage is gone.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Sounds like a really difficult environment to keep anything alive. Thats some serious extremes of temperature.
Hope your weekend of work goes well

Daizy said...

There are a few things that didn't mind the freeze that I had planted in the backyard of the rental. Good thing too. I would hate to have to re-landscape along with everything else that needs to be done!