Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mortgage Progress For January

January is gone already but I didn't get a chance to report my mortgage progress so here it is. I didn't contribute any extra because of the rental house renovations coming up so the new total is $6,233. If I don't contribute any more extra then I will have it paid off in 11 months. If I do get my house repaired within budget and rented by March 1st then I will have the mortgage paid off in 4 months. How much I wish I could use the floor money for the mortgage instead but oh well, it has to be done.

Today started out relaxing but I ended up running out of time again. I still don't have water inside because I went to the hardware store and they were out of the 70 cent connectors that I needed. They did have the $5 screw type connectors so I bought two. I took them home, cut off the broken pipe and stared gluing. Then I realised I had glued the end on to the pipe without putting the screw fitting on first. Darn. That ruined the whole $5 fitting and I would have to go buy a new one. I didn't have time so I decided to look at Home Depot when I was looking at flooring. Of course they didn't have any so I decided to stop at another hardware store on the way home. By the time I got out of Home Depot the hardware store was closed. Ack, no water for another day. It was already getting late but too many people have been commenting on my grey roots so I stopped by the rental house and dyed my hair. At least I had plenty of hot water. Then I carted 7 gallons of water home for the dogs.

Oh, and the other airhead thing that I did today besides gluing the connector wrong, I loaded up 6 loads of laundry only to find that there is no washer and dryer at the house. I had this image in my head of them being there but actually I took them with me when I moved out. Do'h. Now I just need to find someone to help me haul my washer back to the house. I probably won't though. I'll just go back to getting my friend to wash it for me. It would have been lovely to do laundry all day. I'm still bummed about it.


The Executioner said...

Why did you put a zero in your "mortgage progress" list for January? Didn't your balance drop just from your regular payment?

Daizy said...

Oh, I only log my extra payments. The balance did drop by approximately $400.

KoBold said...

When overwhelmed with things to do make a to-do list. I know it is no-brainer advice, but for me, on such days crossing out things done are sometimes the greatest pleasure of the day. And it is a good progress monitor too.

Daizy said...

I am the list queen. Sometimes I have too many lists and then I have to stop and consolidate them. Right now I need a personal assistant to keep me on track.