Saturday, February 5, 2011

Will The Chores Ever End?

I only had 2 things planned for today, take a dog to meet some people and pick up some dog food donations. I ended up running around behind schedule all day and then ran out of daylight. The dog meeting went well. They adopted my wild child but there is a 3 day money back guarantee so I will hold my breath for 3 days. With her gone my house is so much calmer. The urgency to get the dog run fixed has gone away because the wire chewing dog can stay in the house since the playful dog is gone. Of course I should still work on it but I have a million other more urgent chores right now.

I still don't have water. Or I should say, I have water but I have not fixed the delivery system to my mobile home. I called the neighbors and they were nice enough to deliver 250 gallons for free! Then they said that they might be moving and I was sad because my next big project was going to be saving up for a well share with them. Bummer.

I started gathering my supplies to fix my pipe and found that my pipe glue was dried up. At least the primer was still good. I had a piece of pipe that I hadn't used on my shower project yet. So, I went to Home Depot to buy paint for my rental house and I grabbed some glue. I couldn't find any CPVC pipe so I skipped that because I was in a hurry. There were a lot of people staring at the shelves in the plumbing section and I over heard thing like "It hasn't been that cold here in 20 years" and "my parents' pipes never froze until now". Plumbing is certainly very popular right now. I looked over the flooring really quick and was overwhelmed by all the choices so I will try to go back tomorrow when I hopefully have more time.

My tenant told me she was ready for the final walk through so I rushed to my rental house and we exchanged final rent and deposit minus a few broken items. She paid me all of the back rent that she owed which is a very good thing because court costs are expensive and I needed that money for the floor. So, I have $4k to get the house back in to shape. I hope I can do it. I think I have gotten over the disappointment from knowing that with the $4k I could have been maybe $1,000 away from paying off the mortgage. Oh well. At least I have money for the house.

When I got home, the neighbor brought me water and I looked for the 2 pipe connectors that I need to fix my pipe. Wouldn't you know it? I don't have them so I am still without indoor water. Plus, to make things worse, my water tank that holds water for the RV has major problems.

There were 2 filters connected to the line from when it provided water for the mobile home bathroom. The bottom of the particle filter just broke off and the charcoal filter splintered. Then one of the funky non-working connectors that I added a long time ago, cracked and was emptying the water container drip by drip. I put a bucket under it but then remembered that I never glued one of the joints so I just unhooked it and pointed it up so that it wouldn't drain. Those are two more things that need to be fixed along with the plug for the RV. I didn't make it to the RV supply store.

Anyway, tomorrow I can take a long hot bath in my empty rental house and do laundry all day...except that I really should fix my pipes so that I have running water for the rest of the week, oh, and I am meeting my handyman tomorrow at the house and I should go to Home Depot again and pick out flooring colors and order carpet. Somehow I over-booked myself again. I need a clone or maybe two.


Living the frugal life in France said...

Take it easy and try not to overdo it. EVerything will still be there tomorrow

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

How about training up as a plumber when you 'retire'? We have a woman plumber on the island near us and she earns a mint as all the old folks and lone women feel safer with her. Then you could just work a couple of days a week. Lets be honest, you don't have more than a couple of days available to work with your massive furry family.

Daizy said...

50 and still trying, I tried to take it easy on Sunday. It was going well until I messed up the plumbing. Threw the rest of my day off, but at least the morning was nice.

Daizy said...

Lizzie, I do ok with plastic pipe but never dealt with the other types. I suppose they would teach me that at plumbing school. Of course the plumbers are the ones that had to be outside in that freezing weather. I wouldn't like that!