Monday, January 24, 2011

A Rocky Start To The Week

My plan started out so well. I put up an extra barricade to keep the momma dog on her side of the dog run, I put the 2 playful dogs outside in the dog run, my 2 dogs were in the mobile home with the blind cocker spaniel, and just in case, I took my newest dog to work with me. It was great. When I left everyone was happy.

Work was busy today and my little foster dog slept under my desk most of the day. I hurried home at 5 to see how everyone was. As I drove up the driveway one dog came running towards me followed by the other. I was not pleased. The chainlink on the dog run had been stretched and bent in one corner to make enough space for them to squeeze out. Then, because there was a second fence, they pushed the wire gate until it came loose and then they were free to frolic in the desert. Thankfully they didn't go far. At least the door of the dog run was securely fastened!

While I was sorting out that mess, my momma dog comes bounding in the mobile home. She isn't supposed to be out. So, both of my dog containment systems failed. Now I have to try to get up early to fix them and I am really bad at getting up early. I need another weekend now!


KoBold said...

Your never write about your cat any more.
This is so unjust!

Daizy said...

The cat is so easy I barely know she's there. I mean, she coughs up a hair ball once in a while but nothing like the destruction the dogs unleash upon me. She's gonna have to do something pretty outlandish to outshine the dogs.