Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Little Brainstorming

I spent most of the day trying to create secure areas for the dogs. I want to start leaving my blind cocker spaniel out of his crate since he is feeling better and getting more energetic. I don't want him to get run over by my 2 playful dogs so I fixed up the outdoor kennel for the 2 crazy dogs. I haven't been using the kennel because I set it up wrong and there is a joint right over the door so that if a dog jumps against the door it comes open. I thought I would have to take it all apart which is a very big job but luckily I came up with a quick fix. I drilled a hole in both pipes and put a screw in there to keep them together.

I am so glad that I didn't try to take it apart again. It took 3 other people to help me put it up the first time.

I left the 2 dogs in there today to see what they would do. They didn't bark too much, only when cars drove by. One of them managed to escape because the chainlink wasn't secured well enough at the bottom. I patched all of the holes and added some shade cloth. I will try them in it all day tomorrow. I hope it works. The last thing I want to do when I get home is to go hunting for lost dogs.

After that I took 3 loads of laundry and 2 dirty dogs to my friend's house. She bathed one and I bathed the other since he is kind of a nervous dog. I was surprised that he did so well with his bath.

I only stayed until one load was done. I'll get the others later. It is 10:30 already and I need to find something to look forward to this week besides Friday. Maybe I'll take a dog to work. That is always interesting.


bbes tribe said...

Good job fixing that kennel! It is sometimes amazing how we can come up with solutions.
Ernie,Sasha,Chica's Mom

Daizy said...

bbes tribe, thanks, I usually have to think about it and stare at it for quite a while before I get it right. The dogs certainly provide plenty of mental stimulation.