Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chores and Work and Chores

My weekend is already full of dog stuff. I would love to get a couple more dogs adopted before the holidays. I really need to start Christmas shopping but so far the dogs take up all my time. I need to take a little time to secure the partition fence that I put up in the dog run too. The momma dog has already learned how to push it out of the way to get to the other side. Three of the puppies opened their eyes. The girl is the smallest and still has her eyes closed. It is still very easy to have them here. They say after 3 weeks it gets harder because they are mobile. That means I have one more week of peace.

People are starting to leave for vacations at work already. That means I have to wait until they get back or try to do their job for them. I hope our customers are patient. I don't think any new orders will get done before the new year.

The weather has been beautiful. 72 degrees and 40 at night. My electric bill was only $65 for last month and I was still using the air conditioning at night. This month I will have the added expense of the heater in the bathroom for the puppies. It shouldn't be too much extra though. I'm still hopping for rain soon. This dry spell can't last forever.


KoBold said...

Can I have some fencing for Christmas?
I'd happily keep it on your property.

Daizy said...

Oo oo...shall I name it after you? The Great Wall of KoBold?

KoBold said...

The kobold Fence will do.