Thursday, November 18, 2010

Where Does The Time Go?

Here is a not-so-good picture of a couple of puppies. Maybe tomorrow I will use a flash. The light in the bathroom isn't very bright. They are 2 weeks old now and their eyes are opening. They are very cute and very easy to keep at this stage.

Only one more day of work until the weekend. I think I should go grocery shopping after work. I had chips, yogurt and an apple for lunch and everyone thought that was a little strange because I usually bring something that needs to be microwaved like spaghetti. I used to eat yogurt and an apple in elementary school. Of course I didn't like it then. I haven't had time to cook lately. I doubt I will find the time this weekend either. I think I can manage to cook some rice or boil some noodles though. Maybe I have the makings of chicken alfredo, my other lunch staple.

My dogs have been very manageable with only 5 dogs and 4 puppies. My sick foster dog is still at a friend's house. I think she has figured out what is wrong with her. Her nurse friend said the symptoms sounded like a calcium deficiency often seen in lactating dogs. That dog had given birth to puppies a little while ago and then was at the pound and then lost in the desert. Anyway, she gave her some calcium and the dog is doing better. I hope she will be well enough to come home soon as I secure the fence in the dog run to keep momma dog away from her. Momma dog doesn't appreciate having another female near her pups.

One more day until the weekend! I wish I could rest but maybe next weekend.

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