Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One Check, Two Checks, Three Checks

Only three more days until the weekend. There I go counting again. My foster dog was still weak and disoriented this morning. I picked her up at noon and she seemed almost like herself again. She is going to spend the next few days at a friend's house so she can keep on eye on her in case she has another episode of whatever that was. The vet is running some tests so hopefully we will find the answer soon.

I got another stock check in the mail. This one was for $500. Now my stock total is $1,650. I am waiting for a few more checks. I am also hoping that I get a yearly statement from my old company stock. Last year I got a statement around this time. If I get one soon then that means I still have company stock to sell. If I don't get one then that means they were right and I already sold it. I wish I could remember if I sold it or not. That is such a weird mystery. Without that stock I am sure that I won't meet my $3,000 goal. Well, I will know soon enough.


Petunia 100 said...

Daisy, when you receive checks do you deposit them separately into your checking account, noting what they are for? I do, for just this reason. I also have a space in my bill book where I list my receipts for the month. I love my bill book, I would be so disorganized without it.

Daizy said...

I have a notebook where I keep track of monthly receipts and positive and negative balances from month to month. I am keeping track of my stock checks on a separate piece of paper.