Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wardrobe Change

It was FINALLY chilly this morning. Soon those pesky wasps will go away and this time I will plug the hole so that they don't nest in my RV again. Actually, I hope I don't have the RV next summer.

I slept without the air conditioner last night. Just the fan was on. One of the bad things about the window air conditioner is that the compressor was so loud it would wake me up when it switched on and off. Pretty soon I will have to get the heater out of the shed. I think I will put the heater, it is an electric oil filled radiator, on top of the counter so that the dogs don't mess with it. Last year I used a little ceramic heater and it didn't work very well. I was very cold. Since I spend more time in the mobile home now, the big heater will go in there and the little heater will go in the RV for now. Sure I could use the RV's propane furnace but I think electricity is cheaper. That reminds me, I am almost out of propane again. I need to go buy some this weekend. I don't want my fridge to die and melt my ice cream again.

I was looking for something to wear this morning but everything either needed to be ironed or was in the laundry basket because I didn't have time to do laundry last weekend. I ended up wearing a long sleeve shirt. It is still 86 outside but I don't care, it is Fall weather to me! I love when the seasons change and I get to wear clothes that I haven't worn in a while. It is like having new clothes again. This will keep me happy for a few months so that I won't feel the need to go clothes shopping. I don't spend that much on clothes anyway because I shop at thrift stores and Ross but I should wait. There will be plenty of time for shopping after the mortgage is gone. I can wait 5 months.


Unknown said...

I'm one of your long-time lurkers and cheer for you each time you pay more on your mortgage! You are an inspiration to me. I, too, am enjoying the cooling weather here in NC and am looking forward to using our fireplace soon. We either heat with wood, kerosene or propane. It's a tough decision this year but we'll have to make it soon.


Dave said...

Daizy, I hope you aren't near where those tornados were in the Flagstaff area. They derailed a freight train so a RV wouldn't stand a chance!

Daizy said...

Kim A, I heard the weather is very cool now in NC. One of our offices is over there. Thank you for the encouraging words!

Daizy said...

No Dave, much farther south but i read about it today. Scary stuff. We had some winds when I lived in Yuma, AZ that tore off people's metal RV awnings and made me wonder if I was going to tip. Luckily I haven't had that here.