Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Glad To Have A Job To Complain About

***WORK RANT ALERT*** Look away if you don't want to read whining. I got in trouble last week for messing up a drawing so tomorrow I get to go down to our office in Mexico and go to a meeting about how we can "improve" our system. Ugh. Not only do I have to get up 1 1/2 hours earlier in the morning, pick my boss up at the mechanic where his car is getting work done, drive an hour both ways listening to both bosses talk about the impending doom of the world, then drop the boss off again at the mechanic and get home late. That means no dog walk again because it will be dark so I will have hyper and cranky dogs. Plus, the meeting will involve lots of me. Not only that but I won't have a computer down there so I will get behind on my own work duties and email and I will have to look busy while doing nothing because both of my bosses will be there. Too bad I can't hide in a closet and take a nap.

The good part is that the other people (who aren't blaming me for things) are friendly there and once it is over the next day will be Friday so the weekend is just around the corner. Oh, and I am glad that I have a job to complain about since I am not financially independent yet (but I am working on it!).

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