Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thrilling Thursday

It wasn't that thrilling but I seem to have a days of the week theme going here so that was all I could think of. Even though I don't get a chance to watch regular TV anymore, Thursdays are still my favorite day of the week. Thursdays AFTER work, that is. Then I only have one day of work left and a whole weekend ahead of me to plan. It is funny that I don't watch TV anymore. Back when I only had two dogs I used to come home and watch TV with them and give them treats for two hours and then go back to my RV, write on my blog, take a shower and watch more TV. Thursdays had the best TV line-up.

Now I come home, change my clothes, take the dogs for a walk, feed the dogs and clean up any messes, take a shower, write on my blog, read other blogs, see what's happening on Facebook, pet the dogs, and if I have extra time, watch Hulu, which at the present means Stargate SG1. I rarely sit down in front of the TV anymore but then again, with only the few free channels there is rarely anything of interest to watch.

And in other news, I was reading online that this was the best time to buy stocks since the 80's. Of course it is also when I need to sell my stocks. I don't think I should think about what could have been or what might happen. I think I will just sell them and be happy with the money that I get. After all, the point is to use the money to pay off my mortgage, not to make a killing in the stock market. My 401k is still in the stock market so if there is a killing to be made I will still be in on it. My little $3,000 worth of individual stocks will make a much bigger splash going towards my mortgage and that will make me happy now.


Dave said...

Daizy, remember that there is an inherent rate of return when you pay down/off the mortgage. It is the interest rate on the loan, adjusted by any loss of tax-deductible mortgage interest.

When I paid down/off my mortgage in the 1990s, I compared the after-tax mortgage interest saved versus the after-tax interest I was forgoing by withdrawing the same money from a dividend-earning mutual fund. When the former equaled and later exceeded the latte, I knew it was time to pay the rest of it off (without draining any emergency fund which by 1998 was not an issue).

KoBold said...

Best time to buy stock, told someone on TV.
Did they tell when it was the best time to sell (since, say, 1929)?

Petunia 100 said...

Are you planning on selling the stock now or waiting until 2011?

Unless you sitting on a gain and are waiting for it to convert from a short-term to a long-term, I'd sell it now. JMHO.

Daizy said...

Dave, yes, it is worth it to sell them now. Any future rate of return is purely fictional at this point. Still the buy low/sell high mantra makes me think twice.

Daizy said...

KoBold, nope, but the TV tells me this is the best time to sell all the old gold jewelry I have lying around. Too bad I don't have any old gold jewelry.

Daizy said...

Petunia, I plan to sell now, just as soon as I fill out the paperwork. Ugh. paperwork.