Monday, August 2, 2010

So Many Plans

Last weekend I finally brought a bag of clothes and a box of kitchen stuff to the Goodwill drop off site. Ever since they opened a donation site near me I think about donating every time I pass by. This time I was stopping in to the feed store to buy tick medicine for the dog and the drop off site was only a few steps away. While it was great to finally get that box off my table and that bag out of my closet, I don't notice any extra free space. I'm going to have to get rid of a lot more than a bag and a box.

Unfortunately the weather is heating up again so sorting and cleaning out those back rooms is going to have to wait until the weather cooperates. My next project, I think, will be to organise the middle bedroom and clean out enough space so that I can bring the cat over from the RV. That way she will have her own room and she won't keep me awake with her growling noises at night. I'll even make her a window perch so she can watch the birds. I plan to use that room as my closet also. The new bedroom that I built doesn't have enough room for all of my clothes. Also, I like having a dog-free area, like the RV is. Once I clean out that bedroom I can have a dog-free room for my clothes and I might even set up my kitchen in there so that I can cook in peace. And once I move the cat, my clothes, and my food, I won't have any more excuses to keep the RV around.

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