Monday, July 5, 2010

Short Week Ahead

While watering my big pot with my sad little plants, I spotted a few beans big enough to be eaten. Not quite enough for a whole serving size but I ate them anyway.

Still no rain here. The forecast has a chance of rain Wednesday at the earliest. I have enough water to last 3 or 4 more weeks if I don't do laundry. I am sure it will rain soon, although that is what I said last week. While filling the RV water tank I noticed that the hornets have moved back in to the hole in my RV hitch. I meant to plug that hole after they moved out last year but I forgot and they are back again. I can either spray them with flying insect killer and risk an attack or wait it out and plug the hole when it gets cold and they move on.

I did not go to the grocery store today. I decided to save the gas and do without watermelon for one more day. I will go tomorrow after work.

I've been watching the Dog Whisperer online for amusement and education. I liked how he used a doggy backpack weighted with water bottles to keep a dog under control during a walk. I wish I had thought of that when my sister and her kids were fostering their very energetic puppies. I have noticed that there are a lot of unmentioned techniques that are used like I saw some of the dogs wearing pinch collars and Cesar shushes the dogs and pokes them in the ribs to make them pay attention. I learned a lot. I also wish I had a swimming pool because that seems like a good way for them to get exercise without wearing me out. I'll put a swimming pool on my "want" list.

Tomorrow is back to work but it is a short week so it should be bearable, I hope.

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