Sunday, July 4, 2010

Enjoying The Weekend

After two days of relaxation I think I am ready to do some chores tomorrow...or maybe not. It is certainly nice to have a choice.

Today I attempted to make red beans and rice which usually goes well but somehow I put in twice as many onions as necessary. I spent 30 minutes fishing out the beans and starting over with new chicken broth. I saved the oniony broth for later. I also made chocolate chip cookies and baked a few in the toaster oven. The rest of the batter went in the freezer. That is the most cooking I have done in months. I still haven't been to the grocery store and I am beginning to crave watermelon. Maybe I will go tomorrow. The trick will be to buy just what is necessary and not stock up like I usually do. I really only need fruit, vegetables, bread and milk.

My foster dog decided to pull up some of my vinyl flooring at the doorway. I should have put some trim down to cover the raw edge but I just stapled it as a temporary measure. Well, she ripped off some 6 inch pieces so I nailed two vinyl tiles over the spot. It's not pretty but it works even better than wood trim.

I found the old Highlander TV show on and watched the first episode on my netbook. It was getting really hot in my bedroom while I was watching and when I checked the filter on the air conditioner I saw that the condenser was frozen. So I turned it on fan only and it didn't take long to thaw out. I had been running the bedroom AC continuously while the living room AC got the night off. I'll have to remember to give the bedroom AC a break. It usually is off during the day but since I am home and spending time in the mobile home I have left it on day and night.

I also got around to cleaning out my truck. It was only 99 degrees today so it was a little more tolerable to be outside, at least for 15 minutes. I vacuumed and used pet odor enzyme eliminator that I had left over from cleaning my rental house. That stuff works well although the smell will always remind me of my trashed rental house.

Happy Fourth of July and I hope you get to see some cool fireworks.
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