Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another Lazy Saturday

I was hoping to put off all in-town chores again but I checked the propane tank and it was low. The propane place is only 15 minutes away compared to in-town chores which are 40 minutes away so it wasn't too bad. I refilled my 5 gallon water jug while I was out. Everything else can wait for another week or two or three.

No rain yet but the clouds look really menacing. The skies will probably open up right when I want to take the dogs for a walk. I'd walk them now but it is still 103 outside. Too hot for me.

There is an outdoor dog adoption event right now at a park across town. I decided not to go. I'm going to go to the usual dog event tomorrow that is indoors with only my rescue group. Not as crazy and not as sweltering hot.

For now I will relax and wait for the rain.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

are your 'buildings' really well insulated? 103 must make it pretty unbearable indoors. Have a nice relaxing day with your pups.

Daizy said...

Not well at all as my electric bill reflects. We huddle around the window air conditioning units.