Sunday, May 30, 2010

Little Things To Do

I was going to pick up a new foster dog today but the rescue lady never called me back. If I get a dog out of the pound myself it will cost $50. It's free for the rescues. So, my 2 dogs and I have been enjoying our time together. I spent the afternoon puttering around the mobile home. I put some cloth over the space above the doors in the hallway and bedroom to keep out dust. Then I worked on the bathroom and attached all of the shower curtains so that the walls won't get wet. I haven't taken a shower in there yet. Maybe tomorrow. The temperature outside is almost 100 degrees. I probably won't have to use the hot water heater at all since the water tank is outside. If I had more time and money I would have coiled some black pipe on the roof to use as a solar heater. That is a project for a later date.

I also attached my toilet paper hanger, towel rack and medicine cabinet. There are only a few more things that I need to do before I call is complete. There's still some clutter and I want to put a piece of vinyl flooring under the countertop so that I can put the cat's litter box down there.

Above is a picture of my dog telling me he wants more attention while I washed dishes. After the dishes I watched an interesting documentary that followed the lives of some local Tucsonans in WWII and the dogs had a nice nap.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I hope they gave you a hand(paw) with all the work. Love the phot, very cute way of attention grabbing & hope it doesnt cause teeth holes in your jeans!#

Daizy said...

He was biting gently. It's funny when he does that and then looks up as if to say "what? I'm not doing anything." I think I frustrate them because I won't stay still. They want to sleep in whatever room I am in but I keep changing rooms.