Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Foster Dog Adopted

Last week someone called about my foster dog. I didn't think I would hear from her again because she wasn't sure when she was going to be available to meet with me. This morning, when I was taking my Saturday morning nap (that's when I go back to bed in the RV after feeding the dogs in the mobile home), the phone rang and it was the same lady wanting to meet at noon. Since I suddenly had a commitment, I got out of bed, got ready and took my two dogs to the shot clinic. It didn't go so well at the clinic. They did get their shots but little Toto bit one of the helpers as they were taking his muzzle off. He also bit me and the vet but not hard enough to show teeth marks. I was going to get the rattlesnake vaccine too but after that fiasco, I decided to wait two weeks until the shot clinic comes back. I don't think they will be happy to see Toto again.

After I dropped my dogs off at home I took my foster dog and met the prospective adopter at her house. She had one small poodle-like dog already and was looking for a more intimidating looking dog for her husband. They liked my foster and decided to keep her. I was surprised. They were the first people that saw her. Anyway, I had planned to take my foster to the groomer to get her nails clipped after the meeting but since she got adopted I didn't have too.

I could have gone straight to the pound to pick up another dog off the death list but I was tired and needed a little break. I know Toto is going to bark his little head off at any new dog. It takes about 2 weeks for him to calm down. I want one night of peace. I'll probably go to the pound tomorrow.

After that I stopped at the grocery store, then ate lunch, played on the computer and watched TV. Then it was time to walk the dogs and scoop dog poop. I did not get any organising done. Maybe tomorrow.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Can you remember what you did with your time in the days before dogs? Your life seems completely different these days.

Daizy said...

I watched a lot of tv, took more naps and shopped more to ease the boredom. The dogs are expensive but entertaining.