Monday, May 31, 2010

Shower, Dogs And More Cleaning

I took my first shower in my mobile home today. The water was the perfect temperature without needing any water heater assistance. The shower water went in to the kiddie pool under the big pot. There are a few beans and peas sprouting but not enough to use all of that water. Hopefully the sun will evaporate it tomorrow. It is supposed to be in the upper 90's all week and 102 on Saturday.

Now that I can take showers in the mobile home I can conserve water in the RV. It is taking me longer than I expected to move out of the RV, mainly because I just can't seem to commit to that final step...moving the cat, computer, food and clothes. Now that the bathroom in the mobile home is usable, I have no excuse except laziness.

This is the sink area with the medicine cabinet. I put vinyl flooring underneath the whole length of the counter to make it look neater. I only have a cooler and some boxes of glass glasses under there right now. It is supposed to be a place for the cat to go to get away from the dogs. Maybe next weekend I will drag the cat over there and see how well it works.

The rest of the day I cleaned off the kitchen countertop, which is also my bedroom. I don't have anything to put there until I make my final move. There is one thing that I don't have, that's a closet. I was thinking hanging a clothes rack off of the wall, high enough so that the dogs can't reach it. Ideally, I would use one of the other bedrooms as my closet but it will be a while before I have made room for that.

No new foster dog yet. The dog pound was closed today. I'm thinking about one of these girls:

I need one who won't let Toto push her around but won't eat him either. Whichever one I get, I hope she doesn't eat vinyl flooring.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Your new home is starting to look very posh. Well done for keeping going.Both girls look cute. Its a good thing that you do in saving as many as you can, just so sad that it is necessary.

Daizy said...

No new foster dog yet. I think another group rescued one of those dogs. There are plenty more though.

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Those pups won't be foster dogs very long. They are too cute.