Sunday, May 9, 2010

Everything In It's Place

I got a lot done this weekend but there is so much more to do. On Friday a coworker said, what will you do with all of your time once you finish moving in to the mobile home? I said, I can't imagine not having something to do, my list is so long.

The kitchen area is coming together. I cleaned off the baker's rack in the living room and put the microwave there then ran an extension cord to it. That gave me room to start setting up a cooking area on the old kitchen counter which is now my bedroom. The counter is nice and high so the dogs can't jump up there, although I suppose they could use the bed as a step stool. I tried cooking chicken and it worked very well. All 3 dogs waited patiently at my feet until I was ready to give them the chicken juice.

It is taking a long time to sort through all of the pots, pans, cutlery, dishes...etc. They are all from the rental house. I need to start another thrift store box because I don't need so many items. Everything has a thick layer of dirt on it so I have to wash it before I organize it. I love how its all coming together.

I didn't get a chance to fix the shower curtain or the outside drain so that will have to wait until next weekend...or the next. But I got 4 loads of laundry done (that's what happens when a dog throws up on your bed) and I cut 4 inches off my hair (it's too hot for long hair) and dyed it. I've been using so much water lately that I had to stop and calculate my water supply. At 50 gallons a week, I should have 10 weeks left with another 6 weeks of backup water in the tank connected to the mobile home. Shouldn't be a problem even with using extra water. I just get nervous when my collection tanks get so low. The water has to last until the summer rains which usually start by mid-July.

Kitty did not get moved in to the mobile home yet but this week is supposed to be in the 80's so I won't have to run the AC for her yet.

Tomorrow is Monday, ugh. Maybe I will see some rent money this week. That would make it much better.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and to all the other mom's out there!

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