Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bored Dogs

Yes, they did it again. The doggy or doggies played "doggy splash park" until the waterer was empty and I got to mop up the mess. So much for my great idea to easily provide plenty of water in the hot months. I guess I will just have to fill small dishes and put them in different places.

My no-bark birdhouse does not seem to be deterring the little dog from barking either. The directions say it could take 2 weeks before the dogs associate the ultrasonic sound with their barking. Maybe the little dog is deaf.

I am having a nice time puttering around the mobile home and trying to make the space more usable. It is so nice to have running water in there now. I hooked up the second window air conditioner so the temperature is pleasant. It is 93 degrees today. Of course since I am not totally moved out of the RV I have the AC on in the RV and both window AC units in the mobile home. I can feel my electric bill exploding. I will get it all sorted out soon. Hopefully my solution will result in cheaper electric bills, or maybe this will be a very very expensive summer.


Anonymous said...

Try elevating the water bowl off the ground by about 6 inches - that worked for my dog... no more water park in the kitchen!

Daizy said...

Ya, I was wondering if that would help. It is such a huge waterer, I'll have to bring in some bricks. I hope I can get it high enough to discourage the the big dogs and low enough so the little dog can still get to it. It's worth a try.

Anonymous said...

Having a break from fostering might take

a load off of you!

Daizy said...

Every time I think about taking a break I think that I will just be a girl with 2 dogs. The fostering gives me a purpose for having dogs and support with dog-sitting and vet problems. It would be easier not having to go to adoption events and put up with new dog problems. There are pros and cons for both. I would have to stop looking at the pounds rescue list so I wouldn't see those sad little faces.