Monday, May 10, 2010

Countdown Til The Weekend

It's only Monday but I am counting down until Friday already. Today was a particularly annoying day. Late orders again and it was my job to keep track of them. I don't know how the whole schedule can fall apart one week before the due date but it does. Maybe one of these days I will finally figure out how to do my job...then I can retire. Some of my coworkers have worked here since high school. And they are in their 60's now. That's a very long time. When they retire I don't know how they will be replaced. They need to put all of their ancient knowledge on a computer so the rest of us can use it.

I came home today to a dry floor. I think the dogs are getting used to the new waterer so it is not as interesting any more. I put it up on bricks because my anonymous commenter said it worked for them. My dogs still played in it yesterday but today they did not. I haven't filled the reservoir yet. I am nervous about having 3 gallons for them to play with. I've also decided that when it gets really hot I will put the metal bucket outside and wire it to a post so they can't dump it over. Then they will have water and if they play in it it will be outside so it will be ok. I need to buy a lower bucket for the little dog. He is too short for the bucket when the water gets low. Buckets are pretty cheap though. I can probably even find something at the thrift store.

4 more days of work this week. I can do it. I just have to get through one day at a time.

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