Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dogs, Sprinklers And Half The Weekend Gone

I managed to get my dog to the dog park today. We were too late for the group dog training but we had fun anyway. There were big dogs and little dogs of all shapes and sizes. I wish it was closer to my house. I'd go every weekend. The picture is of a particularly large slobbery rottweiler.

This afternoon I tried to attack my plumbing again. I added an extra pipe to my bathroom sink and turned on the pump. No leaks! Then I tried the faucet. No water! Oh, that's why there were no leaks. I went outside and turned the water on at the tank then came in and tried the pump again. If I was trying to hook up sprinklers then I did a good job. Water sprayed everywhere. I tightened one fitting and tried it again. Another fitting showered me. I tried over and over to fix it but the threads were stripped. That means another trip to the hardware store for fittings and teflon tape. Maybe I'll go tomorrow or maybe I'll put it off and do my taxes instead. Taxes might be less frustrating at this point.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Plumbing is very frustrating. More so than taxes. I vote taxes. Or another trip to the dog park.

Daizy said...

I wish I could take all 3 dogs at the same time but the little dog can't go in the big dog park and one of the big dogs wouldn't do well in the little dog park. Oh well, they will just have to stay home and amuse each other.

I'm about ready to run a garden hose thru the window just to get running water!