Friday, February 12, 2010

Time For Fun And Games

So tired, and I can't even blame it on kids. All I have is myself and a cat and 3 dogs. I'll blame it on work even though it's a desk job. It is mentally draining. Tomorrow I will sleep in. It is what I look forward to every week. And if the dogs won't let me sleep in then I'll take a morning nap a little later. They usually let me sleep until 8. Even the dogs don't want to get up at 6am during the week.

I plan to take my dog to the dog park tomorrow. I wish I could take all 3 but I can't manage all of them at once. The little dog would have to go in the little dog park and the other 2 would go in the big dog park. I think I'll just take my dog and we'll check out the group dog training while we are there.

The Winter Olympics opening ceremonies are on and they are always interesting but a bit strange. I see all of the aboriginal tribes of Canada but I don't see any snowbirds. When I think of Canadians I think of pale ex-Europeans who say "Eh". At least those were the ones at my RV park in the winter. Maybe they are all in the US right now. This is distracting me so I will quit babbling and end this so that I can watch all the waving athletes and learn some new country names (and how to say it in French). Good luck to them all!


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I like the Winter Olympics better than the Summer.

Hope you get to sleep in tomorrow!

Daizy said...

I like the countries with only one athlete. They look so alone out there. I haven't quite figured out why the puffy white people are dancing as the countries parade by. Must be a Canadian thing.

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I can't figure out much of any of it. Is there a theme to it?

Daizy said...

The theme seems to be dancing aboriginal people. The announcers keep commenting that they have been dancing for an hour. I can't help thinking how cold that singer must be in that short dress with no sleeves. I would have insisted on a snow suit!

Popular Girl said...

I live 26 miles from Vancouver and it was very mild today. Lots of rain in Vancouver. And the ceremony was indoors. Here's a quote from Yahoo! Canada:

Cold weather gear in a climate-controlled stadium -- Though each delegation (with the exception of Bermuda) looked like it was bundled up for a trip into the Canadian tundra, the temperature inside BC Place was actually a balmy 72 degrees.

The joke is that the only snow around for these Olympics is the fake snow in the show!

As for the puffy white people -- who knows? My favourite puffy white person was KD Lang. Donald Sutherland looked pretty good too.
I wish BC hadn't cut arts programs by more than half to pay for these games, but I'll watch some of the events. I prefer summer to winter almost everything.

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I didn't watch the ceremony. I like the actual competition more than that side of things. White puffy people has me visualising the marsh mallow man from ghostbusters, which would have been pretty impressive.
Hope you had a good sleep in and have an enjoyably doggy day. I have a feeling kids are easy compared with dogs!

Daizy said...

Popular Girl, I would still be freezing at 72. I missed what KD Lang was wearing, Nellie was wearing a sleaveless dress that made me want to put more clothes on. The people dressed in puffy white winter coats were like some sort of Canadian cheerleaders. They were on each side bopping up and down and cheering as the athletes came in. I wonder how they auditioned for that?

Daizy said...

lizzie, they did look a little like marshmallow people with their white quilted winter coats. Like a little dancing marshmallow welcoming party.

Big Sis said...

So I'm here at a resort in the desert of So Cal and I have to tell you, today I met THREE couples from Vancouver, at three separate times. I can tell there are more here because I am starting to recognize the accent. So the answer to "are they all down here?" is YES THEY ARE.