Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chores In The Dark And Too Many Dogs

It's days like this that I re-think carpooling. My carpool was 35 minutes late leaving the office. I already get home 30 minutes late because of the whole meeting and dropping off routine. Is it really worth it if I miss a whole hour of daylight in the evening? If my mortgage was paid off already I would drive myself just to get those extra minutes back.

Because I was late I ended up filling my water tank in the dark. I usually do it on the weekend but with the rain and all of the dog events I put it off. I put it off yesterday too because it was very cold. I couldn't put it off tonight unless I don't want a shower.

The dog rescue list from the pound was cut short today. They put 6 pit mixes down. The pound has made it more difficult for the rescue groups to get the animals and there are too many pit bulls so these guys had to make room for the others. Too bad. I thought this guy was handsome. I am leery of fostering another pit mix though. Although my pit mix foster was very sweet to people, she would have killed my cat if she could and she started more dog fights than any other dog. Plus she crushed part of my chain link dog run fence when that stray pit came around. I just don't have the facilities to keep a pit bull securely contained. I could get a bucket o' pit bull mix puppies. These little guys wouldn't be mangling my fence just yet. :)

One of these days I'm going to take on a momma and pups which is what I wanted to do from the beginning. Not yet though. My other 2 fosters need homes first.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

It is sad to see them put down.

That is a lot of pups. Seven times the fun!

Daizy said...

There are 8 plus the momma. There was a rotti momma and 4 pups that someone took already. Spring is coming though and there will be plenty of pups for everyone! I will miss my little terrier boy when he gets adopted. Maybe I need a bunch of puppies to fill the void.

Popular Girl said...

I have such mixed feelings about pit bulls. It's not the dogs fault they were born, but it is stupid for people to continue to breed them. I suppose if I had to choose to put down pits before other dogs I would too. It makes me sad too -- once again it's humans messing around and then not taking responsibility for bringing animals into the world. It would be worse without people like you willing to foster and look after the abandoned ones.

Daizy said...

Popular Girl, it is definitely the people here that like to breed and fight them that make them so prolific at the pound. Someone did volunteer to foster the momma and babies so I don't have to think about them getting killed anymore. :)