Monday, February 22, 2010

GM Stock And My Taxes

I searched around the internet today to see what I could find on the old GM stock. There is plenty out there to read. I had to keep checking the date on the articles because the early ones gave a glimmer of hope and the later ones pretty much gave up entirely. I learned that I should have sold it in December in order to take the loss on my taxes this time. I thought the stock just went away but no. It is being traded as MTLQQ and is worth 58 cents a share today.

I have 32 shares x .58 that's $18.56. What's the fee to sell? Probably $10 or $15. I'm not going to do it just yet. I'll wait until I am ready to sell my other stocks. I can't claim the loss until next years taxes anyway so there is no rush.

I also found a site trying to sell me a cost-basis calculator exclusively for GM stock. On sale for ONLY $70! I kept all of my stock summary letters so I think I can figure out how much I paid. I think I only bought it two times...maybe three.

And for those of you interested, I tried the Chocolate Cheerios today and they did remind me of little frosted donuts. They were sweeter than I expected. Not really something I would eat for breakfast regularly unless I liked a morning sugar-rush. Maybe I can mix them with plain Cheerios and tone them down a bit. I have to think of something, I have a whole box to eat.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Well, like you said no reason to sell now. Interesting that it is still being traded.

As for the little chocolate cheerios, maybe mix them with peanut butter Captain Crunch. Or would that make it worse? :p

Daizy said...

I have never tried Captain Crunch. I gave up on sugar cereal when I was little and threw up Apple Jacks in the Sea World parking lot. I should go back to plain Cheerios. I think it's all I can handle.

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I always liked Honey Combs and Captain Crunch. That is about it though. My parents never bought us any sweet cereal though. Corn Flakes and Rice Chex were about it.

Daizy said...

I liked rice crispies with lots of sugar! We rarely got them. Most of the time it was generic Toasty O's or generic raisen bran.