Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thinkin' About The Weekend

I know it's only Wednesday but the weekend will be here in only 2 days. If I don't have a game plan in place I will waste my weekend trying to make plans or something like that. I can't run any errands at lunch since I don't have a car but I can walk to the Habitat Store. One thing that I still need is another door. My old bathroom has 2 doorways and only one had a door when I bought the place. The other doorway is covered by a piece of pegboard. When the Summer comes the dogs will bring in lots and lots of dirt and a heavy layer settles on my stuff in the back room. There is no point in cleaning it off until I block the doorway better.

I roamed around the Habitat Store looking for a door but found only one that was the right size. It didn't have hinges or a door knob so I would have to buy those separately. I was going to bring my truck to work and pick it up but as I was feeding the dogs tonight I realised that I don't really NEED another door. I have a door on the side that opens to the hallway and I don't really need a door there. If I take that door off, switch the hardware around, I think I can use it for the doorway that goes to the storage room.

That will save me $15, the gas to go get it, and the time of hauling it home. I think I've found an easier and cheaper solution to my problem.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Good idea.

If it is just a plain flat door, and all you need to do is make it open the other way, you may be able to unscrew the hinges from the jamb, turn the door upside down, leave all the hardware like it is and attach it to the door jamb as is. Probably would also need to pull the hinge pins and put them in from the top so they don't fall out.

Daizy said...

I thought about turning the door upside down but the latch isn't at the midpoint. It won't take much to change the hinges around. They are the flat mobile home type, no pin. I might not have to switch the door knob. It will probably still work. Just have to make sure the dogs won't be able to push it open. I could just screw the door shut for now. I don't use that entrance.