Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Wall Progress

Today was all about my wall. I spent the night in the mobile home because I had set up the bed yesterday and I wanted to make sure the dogs didn't tear it apart. They thought the bed was a giant dog bed just for them. I got up early, because the dogs made me, and started to cut my wood. And then I tried a jig saw, and then I tried a hand saw, and then I went to Ace Hardware and bought a circular saw.

I came home and successfully sawed my lumber. The first piece was easy to attach to the wall. The second piece was easy to screw to the floor. After that I didn't have any luck at all. So it was off to Ace Hardware again for some liquid nails. Now 1/3 of my framing has been constructed and I'm about to go out and work on it some more.

It doesn't look like much does it. I wish I had another week to work on this project. One more day is not going to be enough. I just got my momentum!


Anonymous said...

Daisy, You're off to a good start, it looks like a project I've started many times and they all came out well. Keep up the good work!

Lizzie said...

Well done, Thats excellent. In my mind the new room was attached to the outside rather than a partition. This looks considerably more 'do-able'. YOu could just do with a bit more time to spend on it.

KoBold said...

I wish I were there. I love carpentry.
Oh, add some planning to save gas.

Daizy said...

Anonymous, I'm glad to hear yours come out well. Mine tend to be a little off. Maybe it's because I only build something once ever 10 years?

Daizy said...

Lizzie, yes, an addition would have been way out of my league although I do want to add a porch but that might not ever happen.

Daizy said...

KoBold, I usually try to plan for failure but then waste money when I do something different. Either way it's gonna cost me. They need to build a hardware store closer to my house. I would be a good customer!