Sunday, November 29, 2009

It Can't Be Over Already

Chores I have accomplished this 4 day weekend...2 posts for dog yard installed, box of items donated to charity, 8 feet of wall built. Here are my dogs helping me with my wall.

I took a nap today which gave me a lot less time to work but it was oh so nice. It rained all day although still not enough to help with the digging of holes. I tried to dig a new hole and only the top inch was wet. It was too chilly outside so I did most of my work inside...except for a load of laundry, adding bleach to my water tanks and attempting to hook up some gutter to my green house. I almost bought more gutter at Home Depot but didn't think I needed a whole 10 feet length which is how it is sold. Turns out I do need all 10 feet. Well, I missed this rain but maybe I'll have it set up for next time.

Back on my wall, the liquid nails that I bought to help stabilize things did not work like I had hoped. I ended up screwing metal brackets to the top and bottom of the studs. Luckily I already had brackets so I didn't have to make another trip to the store. Then it was time to insulate the wall and let's just say...I made a mess of it. Then I tried to screw the panelling on, which did not work at all. I was very frustrated by then and took out my anger on the wall with a hammer and nails. That worked although the wall is a little bit bumpy in places where I hit it too hard.

Eight feet down, now I need a door and three more feet of wall. I wish I could finish this project before I have to go back to work but sadly my vacation fun time is over. I suppose I need to earn more money to pay for what I just bought, $170 worth of building supplies and power tools. That wasn't in the budget. And then I need to pay for all of my other plans...a bathroom, water system, heating and cooling, window, kitchen, etc.... I am thrilled that it is starting to take shape.


AlexK said...

So you are walling off a tiny room to live in because your dogs and stuff occupy the rest of the house. This doesn't seem strange to you? You mentioned before the floor under the tub is rotted out and needs to be replaced. Surely it is easier and cheaper to replace a rotted floor than to make a whole new bathroom.

How important is all this stuff that it gets the prime real estate in the house and you have to squeeze into a tiny room at one end?

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Looks like you have had a busy weekend. The liquid nails might be good to secure the paneling to the studs.

Oh, and those dogs...are they exhausted from helping out? :)

Daizy said...

Hello AlexK, my little room is just the first stage of my master plan, assuming I keep this mobile home long term. After this I will add a kitchen and fix up the living room. My first goal was to protect my bed from all the dog dust. The 1st existing bedroom is poorly insulated and would have needed all of the stuff removed as well as new floors and more insulation for the walls. The 2nd bedroom is my craft room. Both are too near the dog run. I don't want to hear any barking. The toilet is an old high water use model. I am hoping to make a composting toilet of some sort in the new bathroom. I do plan to make the original bathroom functional again but it would just be for guests. I am reluctant to get rid of all of my stuff because I anticipate that I will soon be poor and will use it or trade it to get something I want. Oh and the rotting floor, I've never ripped out a bathtub but I have built a wall. Walls seem much easier to me.

Daizy said...

Over the Cubicle I wonder if liquid nails is good as spackle. I have a whole can. The dogs are tired out from their mental telepathy "give us treats...give us treats..."