Friday, October 2, 2009

Chores For The Weekend

When I woke up this morning I hoped that it was Saturday. Nope, only Friday but tomorrow will be Saturday so I guess that's alright. I have too many chores to do, too much on my want list and not enough money.

The biggest time consuming chore is to take one of the dogs to an adoption event. 4 hours on a Saturday. That takes up most of my day. I don't have much hope that the dog will be adopted either. She's the hyper, scrappy one. And since the event is in town, I have to bring the dog all the way back home and then go out again if I want to do any shopping other than the pet store. I was thinking about getting a flu shot but maybe I will go back in to town on Sunday and do that.

My other chores are to list 2 pieces of furniture on craig's list. It would be so nice to get those sold. I would gain a lot of room. If I price them right then they should sell. I just home the buyers don't want my to deliver them on the opposite side of town. I'm not sure I can get them in to my truck without damaging them.

Cleaning the mobile home would be a good thing if I have enough time. The weather should be great so it won't be too hot inside. Everything has a layer of fine dirt on it because 3 dogs run around inside after rolling around outside. Along with the extra expense, I didn't realise how many extra chores these dogs create. I need a house with a tile floor and a yard with rock and grass so there isn't so much dirt everywhere. Live and learn I guess. It will be great when my mortgage is gone and I can move on to deciding what kind of domicile I will live in. So many things to consider.

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