Monday, August 31, 2009

My Selling And Giving For The Week

Well, I didn't sell or give away anything last weekend unless you count the guitar that I listed the weekend before or the snake. But I had to pay someone to take the snake so I am not sure that counts as 'giving'. Maybe taking out my recycling could be considered giving too. That might be stretching the definition a bit.

I listed the guitar on Freecycle last weekend but the local list is so slow that it took 3 days just to get the post approved. Since I didn't get any responses, I listed it in the free section of Craig's List on Friday. I had 8 responses by 7am and another 10 by noon. Usually I would choose a recipient by the order of their response but this time I choose by what they wrote. Of the 8 initial emails, 4 wrote something other than "is it still available?". Those 4 wrote:

1) I would love to use your guitar for my art project.

2) I am an amateur guitar repairman and I would like to fix the guitar.

3) How old is it and who is the manufacturer?

4) I have some friends with a child who would like to learn to play guitar. I would like to fix the guitar and teach her how to play.

Can you guess which one I picked? #4 They came over to get it right away and were very appreciative. I was glad to stop tripping over it and also happy that someone would repair it and teach someone to play.

When I went back to Freecycle to list my offer as 'taken', the picture was still pending approval. I know I shouldn't complain. If I wanted faster posting I should volunteer to be a moderator so that I could help approve posts and pictures quicker. But Craig's List worked faster and easier so I will continue to post there if I am in a hurry.

This weekend will be a 3 day weekend so I will have plenty of time to find items to give and sell. My goal is one item for giving and one item for selling each week. Doesn't sound hard but I am already falling behind!


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

It's cool that it got the somebody who could use it. I would have chosen #4 as well.

Also, I think the snake counts as a giveaway. If not, the $25 definitely counts as a giveaway. Imagine what kind of clutter you could have gotten for it.

Daizy said...

Ya, I wasn't sure it could be repaired. Glad someone is going to try.

I didn't think of the money as giving. I think you are right. I could have bought a lot of clutter with $25. It's faster to give the money away and skip the clutter. :P

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

That reminds me of a running joke at work where we should just pour our coffee mugs out into the urinals to save a lot of time :P

Daizy said...

Engineers and potty jokes...I should have expected it. :P