Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August Budget Tally

I decided to end my August budget a little early so I zeroed it out on Saturday. I took the $70 extra from August and applied it to my puppy bill. Now I owe myself $104 for the puppies and $220 for the air conditioner repair. That's still too much debt.

While I was mulling over my debts at work today I remembered my equity account refund that I got in July. I was going to keep it as a 'just in case' fund or maybe a travel fund (oh well). Now I'm going to use that $242 to wipe out the AC bill and bring the puppy bill down to $82.

I could probably get rid of that $82 bill by the end of September but wouldn't you know it, now my brakes are squealing. That means I get to take it in to the shop this weekend. I found coupons online but it's still going to cost at least $150 if I need front and back brakes. Maybe I only need fronts.

One of these months I will catch up again. I don't want to skip another extra mortgage payment. Hopefully my renters will pay in full next Tuesday so that I will be able to take another month off of my mortgage payment plan. I've been hovering at 1 year and 3 months for too long. I can't wait to get to the one year mark!


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

It's best not to talk about things like brakes lest you jinx yourself. :)

Daizy said...

Ha, you already jinxed my brakes. I can't jinx them twice. And since you are responsible, you can send the check to Daizy at Tucson Arizona.

moocifer said...

On the other hand, replacing car brake pads is insanely easy to do. All you probably need is a jack, a set of jackstands, 12-17 mm sockets, some synthetic brake grease, a 9 inch or so C Clamp, maybe a can of PB blast if your caliper slider bolt is frozen shut, aerosol brake cleaner in a can, and (if you're hyper like me) a p100 particulate mask on the offchance (small) that there's any asbestos in your old pads (brake dust).

total cost without tools: $$35.00 for the pads and the brake cleaner spray (fronts, which are probably the ones wearing out).

You seem like a pretty handy gal.

Daizy said...

You would think so bugbear, but I get stuck at the lug nuts. $35+my frustration or $65 to have someone else do it is worth it to me. Of course I have to make sure they don't tack on a bunch of other fees.

moocifer said...

hmm well if that's the problem go by the hardware store and get a one inch internal diameter steel pipe, about 4 feet long, and slip it over your lug nut wrench.

you now have enough leverage to not only remove your lug nuts like butter, but your axle nut if you so chose.

of course I find this kind of stuff relaxing so maybe it's different for me.

again, if you so choose---

good luck with the car,

moocifer said...

option 2: get a 3 pound hammer or a length of pipe and whale on the lug nut wrench with that.

it will loosen.

sounds brutish but actually that's how those air tools that they use at the shop do it--with lots of little impacts. Instead of a few big ones with the BFH (big ********* hammer!).

option 3

pay the shop some cash and sit down with an iced coffee and a book for an hour.

Daizy said...

Maybe when I semi-retire I will have the motivation to try out car maintenance. No iced coffee, I plan to use the repairshop shuttle to get back home and do chores...or take a nap.