Friday, August 14, 2009

Another Chore For The List

Whew, I made it to Friday. I walked the puppies at 2am this morning because we went to a friend's house last night who gave them some very large dog biscuits. I wanted to make sure those biscuits didn't show up on my RV floor as something else. The puppies slept well, only my cat was unhappy because I wouldn't pick her up and put her on the bed every time she jumped down to get a snack. Yes, she is spoiled.

Tomorrow I will be working on the dog run again. One of these days I will get it done. Then I have the usual chores, laundry, get propane, and a new chore: buy water. These puppies are drinking all of my potable water. I have a 5 gallon jug so I will have to start filling it up once a week at the gas station. Or maybe I'll just fill 5 of my ice tea jugs. That might be easier to handle. It's not expensive, just another chore for my precious weekend.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

2 AM? Whew, you are ready for the weekend!

Daizy said...

I set my alarm for 2 but they woke me up at 1:45. I just hope we don't run in to any snakes or javelinas out there in the dark!