Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Two more days of work left this week and the only leftovers I have are spaghetti noodles and garlic mashed potatoes. One serving of each. Not very exciting.

I do have a whole bag of chicken so I am cooking that right now. I have only spent $30 on groceries this month so far but I am getting low on everything which could cause me to spend twice as much next month if I'm not careful.

Right now the only thing worth watching on TV is that show "Wipeout" where people run through giant obstacles and usually end up in the water or mud. It's mildly amusing and makes me appreciate the fact that I DON'T have to do that for money. My job is much less physical although probably just as frustrating at times. At least they don't dunk me in the water when I fail. That's a plus. :)


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Sometimes I would just as soon be dunked in the water for failure. Just get it over with and start fresh the next day.

When that ridiculous show Fear Factor was on, people I knew couldn't understand why the contestants would swim through a tank full of snakes or eat a bowl of crickets or whatever for $50k. It was a no brainer to me. Work a whole year for $50k or face the snakes and crickets for 10 minutes. Time is greater than money.

Daizy said...

Come to think of it, work is just a long painful fear factor. I never know what awful things will happen and they try to feed me strange food! I don't make anywhere near $50k for that torture though. Bummer.

Popular Girl said...

$30 for groceries so far is really impressive. I've been eating leftovers all week from my editors group social on Monday night. I love free food. There are still some fresh veggie sticks for tonight, and at lunch I sauteed leftover salsa and used it as pasta sauce. As for Fear Factor, I would have no problem with snakes or crawly things on me, but I am a strict vegetarian with an almost uncontrollable gag reflex when it comes to meat. I would wimp out if I had to eat blended brains or eyeballs or hairy cow tongues. If I was on Survivor and starving, I'm sure I could eat worms and crickets though.

Daizy said...

Popular Girl, leftover free food is even better! I would be horrible at Fear Factor. And I would starve on Survivor so I had better keep my day job.