Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Little Things

I usually buy the same groceries month after month. I eat the same things too...spaghetti, chicken alfredo, quesadillas, pizza. Occasionally I'll buy something extra on a whim. This month it was ice cream cones. It's funny how something so simple and cheap can make me smile. I'm sure it has to do with childhood memories. Ice cream on cones were rare and reserved for special occasions at my house. Sometimes we could convince my mom to stop at Mc Donald's after school for an ice cream cone. It helped that she really liked ice cream. :) When waffle cones and frozen yogurt stores appeared it had to be a birthday or something to get one of those! I remember the concentration and effort it took to keep those drips in check and finish it without the cone collapsing. Now I can buy my own cones and eat them every day, but I don't. I want them to stay special.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I remember my grandmas house didnt have electricity when I was little, just gas. The house was an ancient con cottage. There was no fridge or freezer and milk, meat etc had to be bought everyday. We sometimes had ice for dessert on Sunday. It was bought in a block in a cardboard pack and wrapped in wet newspaper. It was magical. Memories from childhood, eh!

KoBold said...

There is an "artisan" Italian ice cream shop a couple of blocks from our house.
They are expensive, but those flavours!
Last time I tried something exotic and had lavendered lemon and basil-rosemary. Yum.

Daizy said...

Lizzie, ice for dessert? Something so simple that we take for granted today. I take electricity for granted too.

KoBold, ahhh, gelato. Reminds me of eating it in Italy. So expensive but good!

JACLYN said...

The made me smile. I understand treating my family also to "the little things" here and there. :) It's been awhile since I've bought cones.

Daizy said...

Hi JACLYN,that is great that you think of special things for your family. Just goes to show, making special memories don't have to be expensive.