Sunday, April 19, 2009

Over-Budget Already

Oops, I just added up my budget and I have reached my limit for April. I didn't add my internet bill in there yet either. 11 days to go until next month.

At least I have plenty of food. I was given the leftover hamburgers and hotdogs from yesterdays trip to the races. I'll have to find some creative recipes for hotdogs because I am very sick of them at the moment. If I hadn't gone at all I would still have $100 left for this month. It was fun though. It's a lot different to be at a race in person than it is to watch it on TV. For one thing, at least on TV I can see the cars and hear the commentators! At the race all I heard were engines and all I saw were blurrs as the cars raced by. There were a lot of other things to see though like the trailers selling merchandise (which I resisted), the exhibits, shows and drivers signing autographs.

If I ever go again I must remember to bring enough money to pay one of the bicycle taxis to pedal me to and from my car. I am sooo sore from walking. It felt like we parked a mile away. I even got a blister. At least my sunscreen held out. No sunburn for me!


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

The races aren't cheap. Sounds like you had fun though! (except for the blister)

Daizy said...

The profit margin on the $5 lemonade must be huge. It was mostly ice but anything cold was a good thing. The other bad part was the TP-less port-a-potties. Icky.

KoBold said...

Do the cycling for yourself.
It is frugal and fun.
Yesterday I've been one of 360 volunteer staff conducting Critical Mass Budapest. Some 30.000 cyclist have shown up. It was sooooo good.
Photos, videos here

Sharon S said...

Hi there-wow, it sounds like you had an excellent time, worth going over budget!! Enjoy using up the hot dogs!!

Daizy said...

KoBold, you are much braver than I.
They say Tucson is bike-friendly but I don't believe them.

Bringing my own bike to the races would be a good idea if I was going to go to the races on a regular basis. The ideal bike would be a kid's bike to get around the people. My beach cruiser is too big to get through crowds.

Daizy said...

Hello Sharon Rose! Those hot dogs just won't be the same without the heat, dust and noise!

The Executioner said...

Time to devote a portion of your future budget toward the purchase of some comfortable shoes. If you can't walk a mile without getting a blister, then that's a problem.

Daizy said...

You are right, Executioner. I keep my shoes long past their expiration date. I thought these shoes would be ok because I walked all around Disneyland in them last month. But walking at Nascar was at a much faster pace and walking at Disney was more walking, stopping, sitting, running, standing in line, strolling...More than 30 minutes of fast walking and I just can't take it. My hip and knee hurt more than the blister.