Saturday, April 18, 2009

Off To The Races

I am off to the races today. I am tagging along to the Nascar race in Phoenix with some friends. It is a night race and I won't get get home until the wee hours of the morning. I'll probably regret it Sunday morning when I am super-tired but it should be a 'cultural experience' so I might as well go while I have the chance.

I used to be a racing fan but once they changed their car numbers around I lost interest. Maybe that's because my racing memorabilia is practically worthless now. Oh well, it was foolish to buy collectibles as an investment. Like the financial gurus say, don't buy any collectibles unless you get enjoyment out of collecting it. Any increase in value is a bonus. Well, at least my Dale Earnhardt Jr. #8 desk lamp still has practical value as a lamp even if it's not his number anymore. Changing numbers wasn't his fault but it would be nice if he would win a race once in a while.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Have fun!

I haven't been to a race in years. #12 was Bobby Allison, my all time favorite.

Daizy said...

That was definitely a few years ago. Those new drivers look so young...maybe because they are so young.